Mid Jutland Lakes Highland Winter hike

Total pack weight aprox. 9kg

Photos on Flickr

Friday February 19th 2016

We start in the town Ry near Silkeborg at the Ry train station. It is Friday afternoon and the time is 3pm.  We pass creeks and lakes through the forest until we reach our first camp at Kallehave. The afternoon hike is about 8km. The weather is fine; sunny and not cold. We stop by a house and ask for drinking water as the site for tonight has no facilities what so ever.

Tarptent Notch at Kallehave

Saturday February 20th 2016

We awake with pouring rain and that is how it went the rest of the hike including Sunday. The rain basically never stopped. However, that did not stop us from enjoying the beautiful Danish forest and lake district. Today’s hike is aprox. 21km. We walk through forest, heather paddocks and experience fantastic views from lookouts over the lakes. This is one of Denmark’s most hilly areas. We overnight at a shelter site at Vrads Station. I opt to sleep in the shelter as my tent was still very wet from the night before and there has been no opportunity/sun to dry it out all day. Once again, we stop in at a local house to ask for some drinking water. The site has only water during the spring/summer/autumn periods.


Sunday February 21st 2016

Today’s hike is about 18km to the town of Funder. The first 1.5km we walk along the old Horsens-Silkeborg railway line and then join the “Hærvej” trail. After a while we walk through the Sepstrup area with views over swamp areas around “Ansø” An Lake.

I will visit this same area two more times later this year. So stay tuned for more photos and reports. Although it rained for most of the time, this was a most enjoyable and scenic hike.

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