Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 2, 3 and 4 – Söderåsen Nationalpark

Pack weight 7.8 kg

Söderåsen National Park

Friday May 20th 2016

I did this same section of the trail back in January this year only the other way around and different camp sites. This time we took the train from Copenhagen central at 14:00 pm to Klippan station in Sweden arriving at about 16:30 pm. We then hiked the short 8.5 km to Krika skog where we set-up camp for the night.

Söderåsen National Park

At the site there is a toilet, drinking water and a shelter.

Saturday 21st May 2016

Next morning I tried out my new Speedster stove with my Everlast Ti Ultra Light Pot and my Caldera Ti Tri Sidewinder. As always I eat oats mixed with sultanas, cornflakes and skim milk powder from a Ikea bag for breakfast. No washing up for me.

Söderåsen National Park

Today’s hike is about 17 km and takes us to Liagården (Liema), where we camp for the second night.

Söderåsen National ParkSöderåsen National ParkSöderåsen National Park

There are shelters, toilets and drinking water at the site.

Söderåsen National Park
My campsite at Liema

Sunday 22nd May 2016

I woke early and ate breakfast and packed. I then went for an early morning stroll before the day’s hike. I came across deer on the track two times before arriving back at the camp site where I met up with the others from my party.

The day’s hiking consisted of a short hike of 6 km to Söderåsen Nationalpark main entrance. We then waited until 14:00 pm before we took the bus and then train back to Copenhagen.

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