Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 1 and 2 – Krika skog to Åstorp

The Skåneleden Trail is over 1000 km long divided into 5 separate trails with 89 sections through the countryside of Skåne.

total base weight 5 kg

total pack weight 6.8 kg


Day 1 – Saturday September 10th 2016

Klippan to Krika skog 7.6 km

I departed Denmark for Sweden on the train at 12:30 pm. After catching a train, bus, train, fairy, train and then bus again and 3 hours and 45 minutes later, I arrived in Klippan about 16:15pm. I had a boring 5.5 km walk from Klippan up to Söderåsen where I started my hike at the Klöva Hallar trail head.


Straight away the trail leads you up to the ridge through the beautiful  beech forest. From here I only had about 3 km to my camp site for the night. I was here in May this year, so I knew where to go. I had already hiked sections 3, 4 and 5 on this trail earlier this year and so I choose to walk sections 1 and 2 on this hike. There are a total of 14 sections on this trail.


I have also hiked with groups all this year, although this time I hiked alone. It was quite a luxury to be able to decide when I will take a break, leave in the morning etc etc with no one else to consider. Although it was a little strange at first, walking alone and not talking to anyone, and after dinner at night sitting around the campfire, it was actually quite pleasant with no one else being present. 😀


Although there were some locals who had driven up to Krika skog and occupied the shelter on the other side of the site, I basically had the place to myself in a remote corner. I arrived in time to set-up camp, fetch water and then prepare dinner. I managed to have all this done, hang my food bag, and be ready for bed just as there was no more light. You have to be careful not to store your food bag in your tent as field mice will chew their way in and then make a new hole in your expensive tent wall on the way out again. I guess I laid awake for about an hour before going to sleep around 9pm. It was not cold with pleasant temperatures around 17 ℃.

Day 2 – Sunday September 11th 2016

Krika skog Åstorp 21 km

I awoke around 6 am and managed to make coffee, eat breakfast and pack by 7:20 am. This, I believe is the best part of the day to be hiking. On all my group hikes the day normally starts around 10 am, which in my opinion, half the day is already gone.


I made my way back along the trail, where I came up the day before, passing through Klöva Hallar once again. Just after Klöva Hallar I heard something in the forest. This is one of the advantages of hiking alone; you can just stop still and listen. Over to my right there were about 20 deer running away from my direction; they had heard me approaching. They stopped far enough away from me then turned around and looked at me just to make sure that I wasn’t going to try anything. You can’t experience this when traveling in a group; the animals would of heard the noise a long way off and be long gone.

The section between Klintarp area and Maglaby is not on forest trail but on dirt and bitumen roads; really boring 😒 stuff. This is actually section 2 of the trail and after 11 km I arrive at the shelter at Hålebäck. Here I decided to make a cup of coffee and have an early food break; it was around 10:30 am. I only saw some local “runners” exercising and a couple of people walking their dogs on the trail. I never saw any other backpackers on these two sections of the trail.

From Hålebäck to Årstorp it is about 10 km and this is section 1 and the last part of my hike. This section is okay, not as pretty as the ridge sections, but I enjoyed the walk anyway. About 12:45 I arrived at the Årstorp train station and my train arrived at 1:12 pm. I was home in Copenhagen again around 4:30 pm.

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 1 and 2 – Krika skog to Åstorp”

    1. You won’t regret it, but skip sections 1 and 2 and definitely hike sections 3, 4 and 5. They are by far the most beautiful. 😀


  1. Certainly 10 am starts are a bit late in my view, it has been a while since I visited the area, which I did in autumn and even then I found it busy. The best part of the Ås till åsleden is the undoubtedly around Söderåsens and some of the sections further east.

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    1. Yes Roger and over on the SL1 “Kust til kustleden” has also some of my favourite trails too. I will be back there on my future hikes. Hopefully I’m off to Camønoen in a couple of weeks time; I can’t wait.

      Liked by 1 person

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