Camønoen, Møn

total base weight 5 kg

total pack weight 7.2 kg

Day 1 – Friday September 23rd 2016

Elmelunde to Mandemarke Haver 13 km

After 1½ hour drive from Copenhagen down to the island of Møn, I parked my car in the parking area in front of the school at Elmelunde. I choose this location as it was central and easy to get back to by foot or bus. The walk south down to Råbylille Beach was about 4 km and on sealed road. Not that exciting but I wanted the car parked in the middle of the island. From here I hiked along the open beach for 5 km until I reached Klintholm Harbour. I filled my 2 ltr Evernew folding water bottle and made use of the public toilets at the harbour. From here it was a short 4 km walk to Mandemarke Haver where I made camp for the night.


On arrival I noticed that there was not much room to pitch a tent in the designated shelter area and, as the 2 shelters were vacant and no one else was around, I decided to sleep in one of the 2 shelters for the night. The sun was beating down and it felt like summer again. I took some photos and paddled around a bit in the refreshing water. It was perfect I thought … too perfect! Not too long after 3 guys (car campers) turned up and said they will use the other shelter and that 2 more from their group will arrive later. Then a couple of German bike tourists arrived and then a couple more bikers. Time to leave I thought.

I packed my things and found a beautiful little camp spot for my Tarptent Notch. I had the area all to myself and had one of the best sleeps ever in the outdoors. I actually slept in to 7am which is not normal for me.


After my evening meal I went for a walk along the beach and watched the sun go down. It was truly beautiful.


Then I sat beside my tent and turned off my light. After a while my eyes adjusted to the dark and I actually could see for a few meters around me. I also had the continuing, comforting noise of the waves rolling in all the time as well. While I sat there I suddenly saw a couple of eyes in the dark. I turned on my light to see what it was and I am pretty sure that it was a hare.

Day 2 – Saturday September 24th 2016

Mandemarke Haver to Liselund to Lilleskov to Elmelunde  23 km

I awoke to a beautiful Saturday morning with lots of sun. It didn’t take me long to eat breakfast and pack; I was ready to rock and roll at about 08:15 am.


The trail I started on today is also part of The North Sea Trail and after a 2 km hike up the hillside I passed through the town of Busene before reaching the entrance to Klint forest Møns Cliff. Then came the highlight of my hike; the breath taking tall chalk cliffs of Møns Klint and the trail north through the old beech wood forest.


At Røde Udfald I took the staircase down the 130 meter drop and about 500 stairs. Here I took off my shoes and paddled around in the refreshing blue water. I also took the opportunity to take a food break and dry my socks and shirt in the sun.



I climbed the 500 or so stairs to the top of the cliff again and continued north along the trail until I reached the gardens at Liselund Castle. I found a vacant bench in the park and ate lunch here with a view of the castle.

It was my plan to overnight at a little area about 3 km from here. Although when I reached the site at around 2 pm I realized that it was a private forest and the site had permanent caravans on it; not my idea of camping site for the night. On the official “Camønoen” map it was marked as a “simple camping area” like the one the night before but without shelters. As there weren’t any other sites suitable in the immediate area, I decided to cut my trip short and walk the 9km back to the car at Elmelunde. I was home again in Copenhagen about 6:30 pm.



3 Replies to “Camønoen, Møn”

  1. An excellent report with some good photos of the cliffs. Møns Klint and surrounds is a beautiful area with wonderful forests, excellent views and lots of nice walks, which leads to its popularity. The only time I have found it some what quiet is during winter but it can be cold (very cold) at times. I have not been towards the Liselund area but have noted the lack of campsites as being one of the limitations of the Camønen in general which of course is a function of the land ownership in the area. Where are you off to next.


    1. Thanks for your comments Roger. I think that if I do hike the same area again I’ll park the car near the castle at Liselund where there is ample parking, and then hike south with an overnighting at the same spot and then catch a bus back to the car. I think I’ll be off to Sweden again on my next adventure. I haven’t planned a date yet but the middle of October is looking good at this stage.


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