Skåneleden Trail SL1 Section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (the old discontinued section) and section 4 – Raslången and Halen Lakes

total base weight 5.2 kg

total pack weight 7.8 kg

Total distance 41.4 km

Day 1 – Friday 14th October 2016

Bökestad to Fuglabacken 3.3 km

I drove by car from Copenhagen on Friday at lunch time and arrived at the Bökestad Shelter parking area at 3:30 pm. I only had a short 3.3 km to hike to my camp site for the night which was situated about 200 m south of the Fuglabacken Shelter area. Even though I camped on my own away from the shelter, I was really quite lucky as nobody turned up to camp at the site at all. I quickly made camp and started collecting wood for my fire. I found some firewood ready to use up at the shelter, so I only had to collect some small kindle wood to use for starting my fire.

Temperatures were about 8-9 ℃ during the days and with night lows around 6-7 ℃. I packed my Cumulus Panyam 450 sleeping bag which kept me nice and toasty for this trip. It was actually blowing about 12 m/s winds and I camped both nights beside the lakes so it felt a cooler than it actually was.


Day 2 – Saturday 15th October 2016

Fuglabacken to Boafall

32.5 km

I stayed in my warm sleeping bag until 7am. About 8:30 am I headed towards the shelter at Brotorpet where I planned to take a short break. Not long after leaving camp I saw a hunter. I made sure that he saw me before moving on. It was still blowing a lot and the sun never really came out today.


I reached Brotorpet around 11am. All morning and yesterday I was hiking the Skåneleden Trail and after Brotorpet I left this trail and walked small gravel roads until I reached the the Blekingeleden Trail at Olofström. The first 3 stages of Skåneleden’s SL1 are also the first three stages of the Blekingeleden Trail. Stage 4 of the Blekingeleden Trail is also the new Skåneleden SL1 stage 3A. Just before Olofström I stopped at the shelter at Fritsatorpet for lunch with a beautiful view of the lake.


After lunch I hiked the Blekingeleden Trail until I reached Halens Nature Reserve. At the entrance there was a sign warning about a “moose hunt”. This made me a little uneasy, but what was I supposed to to? This was the Blekingeleden Trail and I needed to get to my next camp site. Needless to say I kept my eyes open the rest of the afternoon. All day I had also heard the barking of dogs that belonged to the hunters as well.

I passed through the shelter area at Bergatorpet which I though was quite nice but I wanted to get some more km in today so that I was closer to the car tomorrow. I wanted to get back to Denmark as early as possible on Sunday. The shelter, not far from Boafall, was also situated next to lake Halen. Not long after my arrival four Danes arrived to stay the night too. We got chatting and it turned out that I knew one of the girls from a trip I did on the Ærø Island in Denmark a year before; small world.

Day 3 – Sunday 16th October 2016

 Boafall to Bökestad 5.6 km

I woke nice and early today and managed to get on the trail around 7:30 am. Just as I started to leave it began to rain. I didn’t mind as I had been busting to try out my knew bit of gear. I had recently purchased a trekking umbrella (EuroSchirm Swing liteflex Grey UV 50+).

I was really quite impressed with it and the fact that I didn’t have to put rain gear on pleased me. I had worn my waxed Fjällräven Keb Trousers and had my Inov-8 ROCLITE 282 GTX Gore-Tex Trail shoes on as well. I stilled packed my 89g Berghaus Hyper Shell rain jacket although I never needed it and it stayed in my pack. It also doubles as a wind jacket. I hate wearing rain gear so I was open to the idea of trying out something new. I guess that it would be quite useless in strong winds but that was why I took my rain jacket as a precaution. Whilst in the cover of the forest the winds did not worry me and my trekking umbrella. This piece of gear will definitely accompany me on future trips.

This was a rewarding hike – I love getting in a long day with a reasonable amount of km and I always treasure the alone time.

I arrived back at the car around 9:30am and was back in Copenhagen about lunch time. I stopped in for a burger on the way home; my little reward 🙂

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL1 Section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (the old discontinued section) and section 4 – Raslången and Halen Lakes”

    1. Yes, we might see each other out there sometime. I really like this area and there are many different routes of hiking around the lakes. I’m looking at getting out there again soon. I know of some camp sites that are off the beaten track and not easily accessible. Some bushwacking is needed or a canoe.


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