Køge Stream Path – Køge Å Stien

total base weight 6.4 kg

total pack weight 9.6 kg

total distance 23.2 km

I decided to discover an area closer to home on this adventure as I normally travel to Sweden for most of my hiking needs. In Denmark one is restricted as to where one will camp. You are only allowed to sleep in your tent at allocated sites. Some sites you don’t have to book but most places you have to book in advance. This is really restricting and doesn’t leave much room for sudden change of plans etc. Thus my choice of Sweden where there is the “Right of Public Access to the Countryside”.  There are basically no restrictions making life easier for people like me. However it is limited in national parks and nature reserves.

Leaving the car at home I took the train around 11:20 AM to Borup station south of Copenhagen, arriving about 12:15 PM. The trip took less than an hour. On leaving the station I followed the train tracks for some time until the trail turned and before long I was on my own. Although the trail (Køge Å Stien) is marked with a “90” sign several locations along the way, I was glad that I had prepared at home and entered the track into my GPS as the trail is poorly marked with lack of signs at many waypoints.


The weather forecast was good; no rain, so they said. I only had approx. 11 km to hike today so I took my time trying to take in the surroundings.


The trail is very easy going and there is ample time for taking photos today.


At around 3:30 PM I arrived at the campsite for tonight called Spanager Naturlejrplads (sorry, the link is in Danish). It got dark at about 4 PM. It didn’t take me long to get setup for the night. I pitched my Tarptent Notch and used the shelter to prepare dinner in. After my evening meal I sat in the shelter and read from my Kindle. No one else turned up to use the site so I had it all on my own. This was a relaxing trip, so to keep up with the theme I had packed a little flask with something to complement my coffee with. While I read I could hear something burrowing in the field not far from me. Next morning I could see the freshly raised molehills and realised that the burrowing sound was from moles. At around 7 PM it started to rain … so much for the weather forecast. I guess it rained for a couple of hours, I’m not sure as I went to bed with the sound of rain on my tent. The temperature was around 6 ˚C.


Next day, Sunday, I awoke at daybreak. I was ready to break camp at around 9 AM. The forecast was showers in the afternoon and I only had about 12 KM today so I was in no rush. It was a beautiful morning with a cold wind and no rain.


It wasn’t long before the trail entered the most beautiful forest area. It made this trip worth the while and it felt like that I was in another world.



At around 12 PM I arrived at the train station at Køge. It took me less than an hour and one train change and I was home again around 1 PM.

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