Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 8, 9, 10 and part of section 7 (SL3 sections 8 and 9 are also SL2 sections 7 and 8)

I have decided that I will attempt to “section hike” all 5 Skåneleden Trails in Sweden. I’ve already hiked different sections on different trails. I am progressing with SL3 at present time and so far I have completed about 77 km of this trail. In January I got off the trail not far from Frostavallens Hostel so this is where I started. I took a train from Copenhagen Central to Mamö where I took another train to Höör. From here I rode a bus up to the hostel.

It was about 10:30 am on Saturday morning when I started out. There was a lot of snow still here compared to Copenhagen. I wore my inov-8 ROCLITE 282 GTX Gore-Tex Trail shoes and a pair of Darn Tough Boot Socks Full Cushion. These proved to be a perfect choice even with the “slosh ice” snow on the trail. Gore-tex will after sometime allow moisture to penetrate the material, but my wool blend socks kept my feet nice and toasty. Later that evening when I changed into my Smartwool thick hiking socks for sleeping in, I realised that my Darn Tough socks, that I had hiked in all day, were slightly wet although I could not feel that they were. Just love these socks!

It didn’t take me long to hike the last bit of section 7 and reach the Maglebjär shelter. I’m glad that I always have my trekking poles with me; it made this trip especially a lot easier.

There was a fair bit of snow on the trail

I could see that there was 2 different parties ahead of me on this section of the trail. There was a group of about 3 and one person with a dog. When I reached Onsvalakällan I met up with the group of 3 who had occupied the shelter there. They were 3 young Danish guys. I wished them a good weekend and continued. I’m not good at taking breaks or stopping for lunch. I normally walk all day just snacking on food as I go. This seems to work for me; maybe I’ll stop for breaks in the warmer months next to some nice stream or a place with a view.

After that I didn’t see anybody the rest of the weekend. Although I could still see the person with the dog tracks in the snow until they disappeared at some time on Sunday. I continued through the beech woodland and past this beautiful lake area.

lake not far from the Onsvalakällan shelter

I had planned to tent at the Bjeveröd shelter area for the night, but it didn’t appeal to me and it was also too early at around 3:30 pm. So with nearly 2 hours of daylight left, I continued on.

I eventually found a spot in a forrest not too far from the trail. It was about 16:40 and I had about 45 minutes before the sun went down. It didn’t take me long to get settled and have dinner. It started to rain and so I settled in for the night.

my Zpacks Duplex kept me nice and dry for the night

I was looking forward to listening to the latest of Bob’s podcasts from the Outdoors Station. This time it was about Stormin Stoves. I was quite tickled to be laying there out in the middle of nowhere and I received a mention on the podcast. I had left a question to ask Stormin Stoves on the Outdoors Station FB page.

I took my time getting out of bed on Sunday morning. There was a constant rain so I decided to have breakfast and coffee in bed today. Quite easy to do in my Zpacks Duplex tent; in fact I had the door open all night even with the rain coming down. I had no rain enter the cabin.

I guess it was about 9:15 am before I continued on my way backpacking the last of section 10 for this hike. It rained for a further 3 hours so I used my EuroSchirm Swing liteflex trekking umbrella. I still haven’t found a fastening system for fixing it to my backpack that I feel comfortable with yet, so I stored one of my trekking poles in my pack.

After passing the shelter area at Ekeröd I continued on for a short road walk until I reached the bus stop with about 20 minutes to spare. The Malmö Express stops here 10 minutes in the hour several times a day. From Malmö I took the train back to Copenhagen Central station and you guessed it, I had to buy a 🍔 before catching my awaiting train home.


5 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL3 Sections 8, 9, 10 and part of section 7 (SL3 sections 8 and 9 are also SL2 sections 7 and 8)”

  1. Your tent looks awesome.
    You’ve been hiking quite a few parts of Skåneleden. Is there a section or loop-trail that’s perticullary beautiful that you could recommend? I’m planning the hikes for the spring. I’ll probably try to keep most of the hikes within two hours drive from Växjö so I thought I might try parts of Skåneleden.


    1. Hi Axel, good to hear from you. I will be finished with SL3 soon and then I’ll be moving on to Österlenleden (SL4). Hopefully I’ll be able to have my 16 year old son with me. You definitely need to see Söderåsens Nationalpark. It depends on if you leave the car at home or not (which is what I do a lot of the time) and take the train/bus to Klippan. Then do the boring 6 km road walk up to Klövahallar (there is always water there from May) and hike SL3 sections last bit of 2, 3 and 4 to Söderåsens nationalpark entrance where you can catch a bus to a train station again.

      Here is a link to Skåneleden’s website:

      and my trip report here:

      You’ll get some good views on these sections, but remember to to them early (May) or late in the season (September/October) as they are pretty popular,


    2. Axel, a good loop trail is the The Österlen circle. I’m planning on doing it when I’ve completed SL3. It’s on the southern end of SL3 and the northern end of SL4. I know a couple of people that have done it. There has been some problems with the water pumps but I believe that you can get some water at the church at Hörröd. At Hallamölla you can see the highest waterfall in Skåne which is 23 metres high. You can park your car near Brösarp.

      Here is the link:


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