I’ll be hiking in Thy National Park later this month

North Sea Trail (Vestkyststien)

On Friday March 31st I’ll be heading to Hanstholm on the west coast of Denmark. I’m planning a 3 day hike starting at the harbour at Hanstholm and finishing 50 km south at Nørre Vorupør.


It will take about 4 hours to drive from Copenhagen to the start. The first section is therefore only about a 8 km walk to my first camp at Sårup. I am particularly interested in this 1st section as it takes me through Hanstholm Nature Reserve which is closed every year between April 1st to July 15th because it is the birds’ breeding season. So I will just make it the day before it closes. 😀

Thy National Park stretches 12 km inland along the west coast and it includes dunes and plantation and has great national and international importance.

At Hanstholm Nature Reserve you can find a large red deer population, foxes, otters and a variety of bird types. The reserve is the breeding ground for approximately 5 pairs of cranes and 50 pairs of wood-sandpipers. The osprey and white-tailed eagle are regular visitors as well. The strong coastal winds coming in from the North Sea have also influenced the landscape and vegetation in this area.

My plan is to camp at Sårup on the first night and somewhere around Vandet Sø on night 2 which is a lake area.

I’m looking at using my Tarptent Notch on this adventure as I believe that the strong west coast winds will be more suited to it than my Zpacks Duplex.


I’m also a big Formula 1 fan, so next weekend it starts in Melbourne, Australia and then I’ve got my hike the following weekend in Thy National Park. It can’t be much better than that!

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