Skåneleden Trail SL1 Section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (old discontinued section), sections 4, 5 and 6

I rode the train from Copenhagen central to Bromölla station in Sweden on Wednesday evening after work on 24/05/2017. From here I caught the bus up to Östafors where I left the trail last time. The time was 6:22 pm.

It was a short hike to camp 1 at Östafors. There were signs indicating drinking water somewhere down the road. Although, I and the only other person at the site, a German traveller (car camper), could not locate the tap anywhere. There was a good flow in the creek so I used my water filter and collected enough water for the night and for in the next morning.

my water source


I had a good night’s sleep. Next morning I awoke in the early hours to a mist over the local area. The mist hung around until the sun warmed things up. I noticed that, as there was no wind and with the presence of the mist, that there was a little condensation on the inside of my Zpacks Duplex shelter. I dried it all off with my micro fibre cloth and the shelter was dry when I packed it down.

After breakfast and coffee I followed section 3 up to Bökestad, where I have been several times before. The first 3 stages of SL1 are also the first three stages of the Blekingeleden Trail. The lake looked gorgeous with the beautiful blue skies above.

Raslången lake

From Bökestad I followed section 3A (the old stage 3A that is now discontinued) to Lerjevallen. I had never been there before so I was looking forward to this section. At Bäen lake, where I have camped before, I took a lunch break. It was a hot day so I made sure that I was drinking enough water as well.

lunch time besides Bäen lake

At around 2pm I arrived at Lerjevallen. At this stage I had hiked 23 km for the day. I had originally planned to camp here, but as it was so early in the day, I decided to move on. I could see on my map that there should be some drinking water available. I asked some locals, who were swimming down by the lake, if they knew where I could find the tap. They were not certain, however they said that there was a little cabin down near the shelter and I might find something there. I located the cabin and around the back there was a water tap. I filled up and with a little more as I had approximately 18 km to camp two. I doubled back on section 3A (the old stage 3A that is now discontinued) until I was near lake Bäen again and then made my way north until I could join section 4 around Skärsnäs. From here there was only 3 or 4 km to Brotorpet, where I camped for the night.

I arrived at camp 2 around 6pm and started this morning at 8:00 am from Östafors. I had a half hour lunch break. I hiked a total of 41 km today!

I made camp and then took a dip in Immeln lake. The wind had started to blow a lot but it was hot, so the swim was fantastic and my first swim ever in one of the lakes in Sweden! After my refreshing dip I organised my evening meal, which was one of my homemade dehydrated meals. I cleaned up and then went to the lake to watch the sunset.

sunset at Immeln


My camp was situated behind some trees so that I had some protection from the wind. Although there was still enough air flow so that next morning there was no condensation at all on the inside of my shelter. I always sleep with the doors open as well. Only once has been necessary to sleep with the doors closed in a storm. I slept like a baby.

I felt fine today, even though I had hiked 41 km the day before. I departed camp at 7:30 am. The section is number 5 heading to Vesslarp and is 13 km long. I made my way around the northern end of Immeln through som country that I had not seen before. At some stage I was greeted by this squirrel. I saw one yesterday at the lake at Lerjevallen too.

can you see the squirrel?

I made it to the shelter at Vesslarp around 10:45 am and decided to have an early lunch break. I boiled some water from the pump at the shelter and made some noodles for lunch. I took a hour’s lunch break and was feeling refreshed and ready to hike the next section 6 to Glimäkra which was 19 km away. My idea was to make it to Glimäkra and camp there for the night and then make my way to the bus stop next morning.

However, little did I know that all my plans would be all changed within a few hours!

As I approached the lake area at Vesslarpssjön I started feeling ill and very weak and then came some violent retching. I had to take several breaks and lie down on my sleeping mat for half hour breaks before I could continue. At around 3pm I was at a beautiful area, which would of been great for a camp BTW, at the the Vesslarpssjön lake.

I would walk about 1 km and then sick and then rest 1/2 hour before I could move on. I did this until at 5pm when I sent a message home to Denmark that I could not go on. I simply had no energy left. I laid out my sleeping mat and quilt by the side of a forrest road and slept on and off for about 3 hours. I must of had fever too as I was freezing on and off.

At aprox. 8:30pm on Friday night 26/05/2017 my family reached my location and drove me back to Denmark. I would not of copped on my own and water ran out around 8pm too.

After nearly 24 hours I just starting to feel only slightly better. This was a good call. Never be afraid to call off a hike. It’s not worth it!

Final thoughts

I still managed to hike 65 km from Wednesday through to Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, scenery, wildlife and the diversity of the countryside on this adventure. I wouldn’t change anything and I was happy with my preparations and backup plans I had in place.

I’m not 100% certain about the sleep system I tested on this hike and I have very mixed feelings about the advantages and disadvantages with the small size sleeping pad. Although, I was quite happy to have the sleeping mat with me as I needed it to rest after I fell ill.

I won’t be back until Autumn in this area again as the mosquitos were just starting to be very annoying. Think I will do some hiking around Österlenleden (Skåneleden 4), as it is on the coastline and hopefully I should be safe from the mosquitos there.

I’ll be hiking Fjällräven Classic Denmark at the end of this month and maybe I’ll get an overnight hike in as well before that too.

Thanks for reading!

3 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL1 Section 3 (which is also Blekingeleden Trail stage 3), section 3A (old discontinued section), sections 4, 5 and 6”

  1. Always interesting to read your trip reports from Skåneleden. Sorry to hear that you got sick, but at least you got a lot of km behind you before illness stopped you. Sounds a bit like food poisoning, or maybe bad water? I’ve been a bit nervous about bacteria growth in some of my home made dishes when they’ve dried to slow, and I once got Bell’s palsy from (probably) a bad water source, despite filtering.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your Fjällräven Classic hike!


    1. Yes, not sure what it was. It was also quite hot, it could have been sunstroke, which also can have the same symptoms. I store my dehydrated foods in the freezer until I’m going to use them and I have not had any issues yet. On my first night og this trip I had a purchased packet of dehydrated food with me because I thought that it would be quicker and easier. Tasted like shit after mine, so most of it went in the bin. It could possibly of been a water issue. Filtering won’t get everything. I’ll just have to be more careful in the future.


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