Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 6 & 7

It was on this section of the SL1, near Vesslarp, where I had to get off trail in May this year due to serious illness.

Elevations: Start elevation 130 m / Camp elevation 110 m / End elevation 68 m

Distances: 6 km + 19.7 km + 18.9 = 44.7 km

September 23rd 2017

I rode on the Oresundtrain from Copenhagen to Osby in Sweden. Here, I waited 50 min. for my bus to Lönsboda bus station. It was 12:15 pm when I arrived at Lönsboda and 12:18 pm when I started my hike.

From Lönsboda I had 6 km of road walking to get to Vesslarp shelter so that I could re-start the section 6 that I did not complete last time I was here in May 2017. Conditions were good; no rain even though there were very overcast skies, temperatures were warm around 15 ºC and no wind.

Re-starting/finishing stage 6 SL1 #skåneleden long distance trail in Sweden.
Photo taken at Vesslarp. This is the section I had to abandon back in May this year because I was seriously ill. Heading to Gilmåkra where I will make camp. 25.7 km today after a start in Lönsboda.

I kept up a good pace all afternoon and managed to average around 4 km per hour. I didn’t take any breaks although I was making sure that I was well hydrated.  With the knowledge of the fact that I was taken ill last time I was here, I was keen to get past “the location” with all the bad memories attached.

It wasn’t long before my trail shoes and trousers were wet; the ground cover for the next two days was very moist from the recent rains. Although, my shoes and pants dried quickly, they managed to stay moist most of the hike. Because of all the moisture, there were a lot of mushrooms and fungi about, some with beautiful red colours.

Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita, is a mushroom and psychoactive basidiomycete fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita.

Passing by Vesslarp Lake, I stopped at a campsite that canoeists use to overnight at. I filtered some water last time I was here in May. Here is the view.

Vesslarp Lake

At around Simontorp you can re-supply with water, although I had an extra 700 ml with me so it was not necessary to fill here. My base weight was around 5 kg, and so the 1.4 ltr of water that I carried was no burden for me.

From here on it was all new country for me as I had now passed “the area” where I stopped last time. The closer you get to Glimåkra the more open the landscape becomes. Here is a photo of the area just past Glimåkra.

Not far from Glimåkra

When I arrived at the lake at Glimåkra I didn’t have long before it would be sunset. I read that there was water available here but I was having trouble locating the source and I had to use my time smart as there wasn’t much daylight left. I saw some locals enjoying a beer near the lake and asked them. They were not sure either. I knew that the shelter site was about 600 m up on the hill so I headed in that direction. I found the outdoors tap on the pumping station building on the other side of the lake. I yelled out to the people, that I had just met, that the tap was here. I wasn’t worried all this time because I had my water filter with me just in case, but it was nice that I could just fill up.

I had my shelter up in no time and was soon enjoying my evening meal. The temperatures were very pleasent for this time of the year and it was only necessary for me to wear my wind jacket. The night temps were around 13 ℃.  I was exhausted and hungry after a long day, but this was one of the best nights of sleep I have ever had on the trail; didn’t even need my ear plugs. Today’s walk was 25.7 km and my elevation tonight is 110 m.

Not a good pitch on my Zpacks Duplex shelter I know, but I ran out of daylight and this was the best I could do. Had to enhance the photo to lighten it a bit.

September 24th 2017

I awoke to a warm overcast day. Sunrise was around 06:50 am. I didn’t have far to hike today, around 19 km, so I took my time. It was around 9 am when I got on trail. At around lunchtime the sun came out and the temps were around 20 ℃.

As I approached Osby, which is where I got off the train yesterday, I passed by more and more locals out walking. At around 1 pm I arrived at the train station about 3 minutes before the train arrived, which took me directly back to Copenhagen in Denmark. Pretty good timing!

Final thoughts

This is the first time I’m using my HMG PODS. They are expensive and I was a little hesitate about purchasing them, but I gotta tell you that I’m hooked. They are so easy to pack and then store either in my 2400 Windrider ultralight pack or the 3400 that I use in the winter months. I’ve got 1 small POD, which I use for clothes, essentials & my sleeping pad. And I’ve got 2 large PODS; 1 for my sleeping bag or quilt, and 1 for my food & cooking system.

The stuff sack pillow is the best! Love it! Tried blow ups and ended up tossing them aside and using a stuff sack with my clothes in it until I purchased the HMG pillow. Purchased in May 2016. I won’t use anything else now.

My Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Windrider at 799 grams I can’t say enough great about this pack. I’ve got no complaints here; nothing you don’t need and everything you do including a whistle!

And of course, the Zpacks Duplex at 595 grams has accompanied me on my hikes this last year. There is so much room in it and it is quick and easy to erect. I’ve been through all the seasons in it including winter snow and summer storms.

I used my Cumulus Panyam 450 sleeping bag as my Cumulus Quilt 250 was sent back to Poland for repairs; more of that later. But I can say that CUMULUS s.c. has a very good warranty and customer service program. A big thumbs up to them! 👍

My base weight was around 5 kg.

Thanks for reading. My next hike is on October 13th 2017.

This is the gear I packed for this hike.

Product(s) discussed in this article were purchased by myself from a retailer or manufacturer. I do not accept compensation or donated product in exchange for guaranteed media placement or product review coverage without clearly denoting such coverage as an “ADVERTISEMENT” or “SPONSORED CONTENT.”

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL1 Sections 6 & 7”

  1. It’s always a pleasure to read your trip reports, and I like the comments about your gear in the end. I really have to try the stuff sack pillow. I’ve also stopped using inflatable pillows because they’re so uncomfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comments, I’m happy that someone read my trip reports 😀. I think that it’s nice that we can share our thoughts and follow each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice Brian!

    Both your blog and Småland Outdoor blog are the ones I like to follow the most. Not because you (both) post reviews of the most amazing locations, but because your post is more down to earth. Also, it’s loverly to explore north of Europe via your posts.

    Lake Vesslarp looks interesting and your photo of Amanita muscaria is great!

    Also, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the HMG pods because is good to know another hiker’s point of view.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      Initially the blog was more of an archive so I could record my trips and reflect back on them after time. I’ll never be a famous blogger/writer with WOW locations & “using big” words etc., but you hit the nail on the head when you wrote “down to earth”; this is how I see myself as well.

      It’s turned out to be a great way to network with “like people” & it is also rewarding to share gear reviews & opinions and reading them from others too.


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