I’ll be doing a 3 day hike next weekend and testing some new gear

I’ll be doing a 3 day hike next weekend + Monday. I’ll be completing my section hiking of the Skåneleden SL1 long distance trail in Sweden. I’ve already completed section hiking trail SL3, so now I just have SL2, SL4 (I have hiked some of this trail already) and SL5 to do.

I’ve recently purchased some new gear, which I’ll be testing on this hike, including some hiking clothes: a “puffy” jacket, a 2nd layer made with synthetic material & a lighter wind jacket (shirt). Also a Vargo trowel/tent stake combo (2 uses). I have also upgraded a couple of my tent stakes as well. Upgraded my HMG Windrider 3400 Backpack with a Tread Lite Gear cuben fiber strap pocket too. More on all that after my next trip report.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the Classic Sweden next year for my “intro” to the north of Sweden and then I hope to do my own solos up there after that exploring the many trails. Really looking forward to seeing this part of the country. And yeah yeah yeah, I know that I could do this on my own and don’t need to do it with an organisation planning most of it for me and not to mention how busy the trail will be with all those people on it, but this is what this old Aussie is going to do. I just want a slow introduction and get to know the area, weather and landscape a little before I head off on my own up there.

I’m also pretty jealous reading all about others planning their TGO Challenge for next year 2018. This is defiantly on my bucket list but it’ll have to wait until the time is right for me.

I’ve also a trip to plan, visiting an old friend (PC) from my younger days, on the east coast of USA. So section hiking some of the Appalachian Trail (AT) will also be experienced first hand too instead of seeing it on YouTube videos. Not sure if this will get on my 2018 calendar but I know you’ll still be there in 2019 PC and the AT is not going anywhere.

UPDATE: 2018 Jan 12th

I’ve changed my mind about the Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2018 .

I won’t be participating in this event now. Instead, I will be heading up there one week before and hiking on my own. I will also hike from north to south which is the opposite direction to the Classic. I will also finish one day before Fjällräven’s event.

I’m really excited about this journey and my planning stage has already begun.

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