My Ultralight Kitchen 211g (7.4 oz)

For most of the year I use an alcohol based stove together with an integrated cone / wind shield pot support. My preferred pots that I use are made by Evernew which are designed and manufactured in Japan. The pots are made with 100% titanium. I have three sizes:

  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.6 L) 91 g
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 107 g *
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (1.3 L) 137 g

*The pot that I use most of the time is the 900 ml. I use it because I make my own dehydrated food and the size is perfect to prepare, cook and simmer in. The 600 ml size is good if I use a meal in a packet purchased from the outfitters, but nowadays this is a rare occasion. The 900 ml size is great for two people. For the 600 ml and the 900 ml pots I have a Trail Designs Sidewinder Titanium Tri-Fuel Cone. However, my preferred kitchen setup uses a titanium cone purchased from Stormin Stove Systems.

My ultralight kitchen:

  • Stormin Stove Systems Horizon Titanium Cone including sleeve 34g
  • Evernew Ti Ultra Light Pot (0.9 L) 107 g
  • Stormin Stove Systems Screw UTD Burner 40ml 15g
  • DIY pot cozy 35 g
  • Stormin Stove Systems fully retractable reflective aluminium baseplate 20g (leave no trace and improve stability and fuel efficiency)

Total weight = 211g (7.4 oz)

My ultralight kitchen on trail last year on the Skåneleden Trail in Sweden. Note that I always use a baseplate to leave no trace and improve stability and fuel efficiency.


The Stormin Stove Systems Screw UTD Burner uses alcohol based fuels, ie. methylated spirit, ethanol or similar. I store the fuel in a TLD fuel bottle which weighs 29 g. I don’t use much fuel and I always take only what I think I need. I’ve never run out. I dehydrate my own food at home and use a DIY pot cozy instead of fuel to finish the cooking process after the food comes to the boil.

Ordering a cone at Stormin Stove Systems is a simple process. Just type in your pot’s dimensions and the name of it and order. Norman is not only good to reply to any requests, but he dispatches your order quickly too.

Update October, 2020

Stormin Stove Systems are no longer available for purchase

Please refer to the YouTube video below for more details on my system:

Three Season Ultralight Gas Cooking

If I’m not using an alcohol based fuel stove and I’m using gas in 3 seasons and preparing meals in a packet purchased from the outfitters then I use:

  • BRS 3000T Titanium stove 25 g (with bag)
  • Toaks Light Titanium 550ml Pot 70g
  • DIY Reflectix wind shield 15g

Total weight = 110 g

Dehydrating Food

It can work out quite expensive to buy freeze-dried/dehydrated meals all the time for your outdoor adventures. Especially, if you are like me, and are frequently in the outdoors. In March 2017 I started to make my own dehydrated meals. They have turned out to be a huge success and actually taste better than the ones that you can buy. More details on this subject can be read in my article here.

I always look forward to my home-made dehydrated food at the end of a long day on the trail.  I just place the dehydrated food into my pot, mix with water, boil, take off the heat and then place the pot in my DIY pot cozy for about 15 minutes. If I’m mixing with potato powder then I wait until the last step, when I place the pot in the cozy, before adding. Then the simmering process in the cozy is all you need to cook the potatoes.

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