DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator

The DeLorme inReach satellite communicator sends and receives messages anywhere in the world. You can trigger an SOS in case of an emergency and communicate back and forth with a 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center. It weighs 195 g and has 100 hours of battery life. I purchased my unit in September 2017. I paid approximately GBP 300 including shipping costs which, at that time was roughly DKK 2500.

DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator

I haven’t used the tracking function and I don’t intend to at this stage. Maybe I will set it up to track in the future. If you are intending to use the tracking feature then I would recommend activating the Recreation Plan which will cover tracking down to every 10 minutes.

I send location updates daily with a small preset message when using the DeLorme inReach on hikes. I also have the option to type free-form text messages too if I want to. Using my DeLorme inReach SE satellite communicator I communicated twice a day back home to my family and sharing on social media while hiking Kungsleden in August 2018. I regretted not installing the Garmin iPhone App “Earthmate”. This App syncs / pairs the inReach to my iPhone. I wanted to send a couple of text messages home instead of the pre-typed free messages typed in on the website. But every time I only got a couple of words typed before I gave up and deleted the draft. Since returning home I have now installed the App and tested it and it is just like sending text messages like I do every day.

I have a Freedom Safety Plan that I can activate for one month at a time and I can suspend it until I need it again. Suspended devices are not charged for the months that they are paused. However there is an annual fee. So if I activate the inReach for one month in the year total cost is the annual fee DKK 304.99 + one month commitment DKK 129.99 = DKK 434.98 (Jan 2022). Please note that the Freedom Safety Plan does not give you unlimited tracking. If you want to start tracking then you need to upgrade to the Recreation Plan which costs DKK 304.99 / md. (Jan 2022).

Freedom Safety Plan:

Enrolment in Freedom plans is subject to a DKK 304.99 annual fee. A Freedom plan’s minimum term is 30 days. New 30-day minimum applies to changed Freedom plans. No charge applies to changing a Freedom plan. Service can be suspended 1 month at a time at no charge. User retains access to inReach data stored on the Garmin Explore portal while account is suspended. Selected plan auto-renews monthly unless user changes account selections in the Garmin Explore portal.

  • one month commitment DKK 129.99
  • Unlimited SOS
  • 10 text messages/month
  • Unlimited Preset messages (predefined messages set up on the website)
  • Tracking points: DKK 0.90 for each point
  • Overages are DKK 4.50 for each text message over the 10 messages allowed in the monthly plan period
  • Text messages include free-form sent messages and received messages.
  • Tracking points refer to the individual “breadcrumbs” sent by the inReach at user-selected intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 4 hours
  • annual fee DKK 304.99

Garmin has purchased DeLorme and you can now purchase the inReach in a Garmin model. The DeLorme model that I own is not manufactured anymore. Garmin have recently released a new model, the Garmin inReach Mini, only half the size. It is lighter at 100 grams but the battery life is not as good.

With my My DeLorme inReach I have shared to my Twitter and Facebook pages sharing daily messages and updates while I have been on trail.

MapShare is a feature that allows inReach users to be seen on an internet browser accessible map. Viewers of the MapShare webpage are able to see the user’s location, tracking progress, and messages. When MapShare is turned on for the user, a unique MapShare website address (URL) is enabled.

The MapShare link can be sent to friends and family directly from an inReach device after tracking has been started so that they may follow your progress, or send you messages depending on your MapShare settings. 

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10 Replies to “DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator”

  1. You will like it! I have been very happy with my Garmin InReach Mini over the past 2 weeks padling the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Mapsharing, messaging, updating facebook (160 char limit) and daily updated weather reports are the stuff I found most useful. Purchased the Mini when it came out this season after using the Garmin InReach Explorer+ on my Lofoten trip last summer.

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      1. Just landed the canoe at the dock in Dawson City and literally just turned the InReach off. Staying in Yukon for another week before returning to Denmark.

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    1. Sorry, your comment was in a spam folder and I just saw it.

      There a a couple of reasons I did not choose a spot.

      1. It doesn’t support two-way communication like the DeLorme inReach. This is a great advantage. I know some people in Denmark that had a Spot. They got into some trouble in North Sweden and needed evacuating. But the authorities up there do not respond to the Spot emergency call and the help never came. They now have an inReach where you can write back and forward with the emergency centre.

      2. I know that when I investigated the Spot that, at that time, you had to pay every month all year. I’m not sure if this is changed or what type of service plan they have on offer now, please correct me if I’m wrong. But it was much more expensive. With the inReach Safety Plan I can just turn it on for one month and then turn it off again. And when I want it again I can just turn it on. I only used it two months this year so it was relatively cheap for me.


      1. That is the problem with the spot you pay basically a years plan which is expensive if like me you only need to use it a few time in the year. But if it saves a life it’s well paid for.

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