Skåneleden Long Distance Trail

A more than 1000 kilometres long distance trail in Skåne which is in the southern district of Sweden.

The Skåneleden trail is divided in to 5 sub-trails with 103 sections.

All my trip reports are contained in the below links sorted into the different sub-trails and circle trails.

Sub-trail 1 (SL1)

Coast to coast Trail stretches horizontally from the city of Sölvesborg in the very northeast corner of Skåne to Ängelholm in the west.

Sub-trail 2 (SL2)

North to South Trail. From Hårsjö (just west of Vittsjö) in the north all the way down to the coastal city of Trelleborg in the south.

Sub-trail 3 (SL3)

Ridge to ridge Trail takes you from Åstorp at the foot of Söderåsen ridge to Brösarp hills in Österlen, the northeast of Skåne.

Sub-trail 4 (SL4)

The Österlenleden Trail takes you on a hiking tour around the southeast of Skåne.

Sub-trail 5 (SL5)

From Utvälinge (just west of Ängelholm) in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south, and a circular trail around the Falsterbonäset Peninsula.

Circle trails (Circle trails on the Skåneleden)

These are the circle trails that I have completed on Skåneleden. They are not shown on the map below, please click on the link above to view.

You can see the official Skåneleden site here.


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