Day 2: Kårsavagge to Abiskojaure to Alesjaure 30 km – The King’s Trail Kungsleden – August 2018

I was up early around 05:00 am. The rain stopped in the early hours of the morning and with the wind blowing the way it was my shelter was basically dry and ready to pack. With breakfast and the packing done I managed to get away around 06:30 am. I had already talked to the hut manager the night before who had told me the best way to tackle the water crossing ahead of me now. The water was cold and just above the ankles deep. I walked straight in and used my trekking poles to balance myself. I didn’t want to fall in already, also knowing that I had the mountain pass ahead of me now too. It was quite slippery and I really had to concentrate and watch where I put my feet plus look up and see where I was going too. I made it to the other side and looked back to where I had just come from and I recorded the below video.

I climbed 1½ km and just got to a little rise. Right in front of me there was a herd of reindeer. This is awesome I thought.

Then I looked back at where I had come from. The view took my breath away. Not long after that it started to rain and I had to stop and don all my rain gear. When I looked up all I could see were clouds and I soon found myself immersed in them.

It took me 2 hours to walk the 4 km to the top of the pass at 1150 m elevation. There was no trail most of the way as it was mostly rock. I had to follow the cairns (small piles of stones) and sometimes it was difficult to see the next one.  I couldn’t see anything from the top.

The descent of some 4 km took me 1½ hours. The going down was tough on my right knee just inside below the kneecap. It later developed into tendinitis but it only bothered me on the descents. I located the site that I had planned to use the night before; it was flat and perfect 👌. It was a shame that I didn’t make it. There were also great views down into the valley.

On arrival at Abiskojaure I thought to myself that I was happy that I hadn’t chosen the traditional Kungsleden route and stayed near here last night. Thank you to Ib for suggesting the diversion from Kungsleden at Abisko over to Kårsavagge. Abiskojaure didn’t have any “wow” feeling about the place at all. I made my way out of Abiskojaure and for the first time started hiking on the Kungsleden.

I was soon out of the Abisko National Park and I stopped not long after that at the bridge at Siellajohka and filled my water bottle with the glorious glacial water. This was a real luxury not having to worry about where I was going to fill up with water next and not something that I was used to.

At lunchtime I found a boulder to sit on close to the trail. It had been raining off and on most of the day. The wind was gusty at times too, but the views and warm weather were fantastic.

While I was eating lunch this herd of reindeer suddenly appeared right next to me and then they disappeared as quickly as they came. I just couldn’t get enough of this. Already my adventure had lived up to all my expectations on day one and two. Awesome!

After lunch I walked through the most beautiful valley that I had ever seen. It was hard to keep a reasonable pace when I had to stop and check out the views all the time. I followed the trail beside the lake and soon there were a couple of water crossings to wade through. No problem as it is only ankle deep.

Finally I could start to see Alesjaure starting to appear in the far distance.  After a 30 km mountain rocky trail hike I found a location for my shelter across the bridge on the opposite side from the Alesjaure mountain hut.

After I had made camp and emptied the dried contents of my dinner into the 750 ml soaking canister, I made my way up to the mountain hut. There is a good size cabin shop at Alesjaure as well and a large sitting area to relax in. I chatted a little with the hut manager and I noticed that she sold beer too. After a 30 km day of mountain hiking I thought that I had earned a beer. I found a table and chair near a window and studied my map looking at where I was heading the next day whilst enjoying my refreshment.

Like yesterday, I downed my dinner and I was in bed early. Below was my view while I ate my evening meal.

This has been a most memorable day full of WOW 😮 views, a mountain pass, reindeer, rain, wind, sunshine and beautiful blue glacial water.


5 Replies to “Day 2: Kårsavagge to Abiskojaure to Alesjaure 30 km – The King’s Trail Kungsleden – August 2018”

  1. Thanks for reading and commenting Robin. I think that this was one of the days where the scenery impressed me the most. It was the longest too.


    1. Tak Ib, jeg er meget glad for dit forslag. Det var også lækkert, at der var næsten ikke nogen menneske på ruten også. Det var helt noget andet da jeg startet på Kungsleden.


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