Skåneleden Trail SL5 Sections 10 & 11

Walked from the Davidslid bus stop at Ålstorp to Järavallen shelter area, past the closed nuclear power plant at Barsebäck. Overnighted in a forest near Löddeköpinge and hiked the next day to to the bus stop at Bjärred. 

Saturday September 15th 2018

It was an early start at 06:40 am when I travelled by train from Copenhagen in the direction of Lund in Sweden where I met up with Clemens @forrestechs, whom I hiked with back in May this year. His wife, Anna, accompanied us on this adventure. Clemens and I began communicating with each other through Instagram. We then arrived at the train station at Landskrona at 8:36am where we a little later, caught a bus which took us to the Davidslid stop at Ålstorp.

From Ålstorp we headed west for about 3 km to start the hike at the Järavallen shelter area. Just before we reached the shelter area we had to hike around this small lake.

The cloud’s images being reflected in the water’s surface signified the weather we would experience most of the morning and early afternoon.

We walked south through and by the golf course in the direction of Barsebäck with views on our right of the Sound which forms the Danish-Swedish border. The weather was very unstable with strong winds and intermittent rain showers being blown over the Sound from Denmark.

Before Barsebäck there was a little rest area with some tables and chairs. There were also very new and modern toilet/wash room facilities there. There was even an outside shower with warm water. We decided to take a break here for some lunch while watching some people windsurf on the waves in the shallow waters not far from us. There was also a large bird presence in this area.

After lunch we continued south and it wasn’t long before the “closed” Barsebäck nuclear power plant showed up in the background. It is situated in the south of Sweden 30 km from Malmö and only 20 km from Copenhagen. The last unit of two was closed down in May 2005.

The trail takes you on the eastern side of the power plant and then pass a huge transformer station which obviously has something to do with the nuclear power plant. And they say that this place is closed down. Yes right … it certainly didn’t look like it to me. They were even building a new transformer station next to the old one that looked, if not larger than the current one, then at least the same size. Soon we hiked pass the hostel which looked like it was closed for the colder seasons now.

We now turned and walked in an easterly direction towards Löddeköpinge keeping an eye out for somewhere to camp for the night. There are no designated camp sites on this section so we had to make do with whatever we could find. There are a couple of forested areas and we scouted the first one we entered but decided to continue as it looked like that cows frequented the area. Cows and I just don’t get along so this was no option for me. On we went.

About 3-4 km from Löddeköpinge we located a small forest which was situated in the middle of some farming paddocks and just off the trail. We could of pitched our tents in the middle of the forest but we were worried about the strong winds blowing tree limbs down. There were quite a few branches already present on the forest floor. So we opted for the south-east corner and just off the side of the forest next to a haystack.

After the camp chores were done I cold soaked my homemade dehydrated food for about 1½ hours before it was ready to warm on the gas stove. I’m using a Vargo Bot-700 and a Soto Windmaster micro regulator stove with the TriFlex pot support. I’m still trying to get used to using the gas stove with the Vargo Bot though. In the past I have only used gas in the winter months. I must admit that I still prefer using alcohol for fuel. I’ve used the above system last weekend as well on my Møn hike and both times I have managed to burn the food on the bottom of the pot. The titanium gets a lot hotter with the gas than when using an alcohol stove. I’ve used my titanium Evernew 900 ml pot for a couple of years now and I’ve never burnt anything using it. I think that next time that I’ll have to turn the regulator down low when cooking food on the Vargo Bot-700 and high when I want to boil water quickly for a cup of coffee. You can’t burn water after all.

At 19:22 pm we witnessed a beautiful sunset. Below you can see the Barsebäck nuclear power plant with the city of Copenhagen in the background on the left.

We also saw the farmer come and go on the surrounding paddocks even after dark. He was shifting a watering system to different areas of his paddocks. He didn’t seem bothered by the fact that we were there or perhaps he hadn’t discovered us yet. Next morning he drove by us and just waved so he was obviously okay with us being there.

Sunday September 16th 2018

The next morning the sunrise was as equally as breath taking as the sunset.

In the early hours of the morning, in this field behind my Duplex, we were awoken by some deer announcing their presence with some very aggressive growling which went on for about half an hour. Apparently a buck will growl if it is near a doe coming into, or is in, estrus and he is completely fired up and excited. A buck growl is made when the grunting becomes so close together and extremely intense that it will come out as one drawn-out growl or roar.

When I’m cooking in the outback kitchen I practice leave no trace principles using a baseplate under my alcohol stove. I use the same LNT principles when doing “number twos” in the outback country. Below a cat-hole 6-8 inches deep and 200 feet from water, the trail, and the campsite. Sorry, I only have a before shot; no after shot here. 😀

With breakfast consumed we packed camp down and at 07:50 am we were on our way. At the 3 km mark we passed under the E20 highway after passing through a wet sloppy cow paddock and full with cows. I blew my whistle a couple of times just to spread them a little so we could get through.

Löddeköpinge was now in sight and once we reached the little town we continued south again towards Bjärred. At 09:59 am I boarded the bus which took me to Lund where I could take a train back to Copenhagen.

Thanks to Anna and Clemens for joining me on this adventure! I look forward to the next time that we can get away together again.

Thanks for reading

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    1. Jeg har aldrig brændt noget på mine andre tre Evernew titanium pots når jeg bruger en alcohol brænder Ib. Det er fordi, at jeg bruger den nye gas brænder. Jeg har andre gas brænder som ikke er så voldsomt som den nye Wndmaster; jeg vil også prøve med dem. Men du har ret i at alu bliver ikke så varm som titanium. Jeg har kun titanium pots (tror jeg har 5 stk. i forskellig str.) og jeg har ikke lyst til at købe flere. Jeg er ikke meget for at bruge gas.


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