Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 15 & 15A – Häckeberga Loop Trail

Meetup with Clemens aka @forrestechs on Instagram; last hike together for 2018

Saturday December 15th 2018

I departed home at 06:20 AM and when I arrived at Copenhagen central I discovered that all the trains heading to Sweden were late. So I boarded an earlier “late train” which actually arrived at Lund C station, Sweden at the same time as my scheduled train would have done. Clemens was waiting for me in the car park and soon we were driving south down to the trail head only half an hour away. Earlier this year in May I had met @forrestechs (Clemens) for the first time and it was exactly here just outside of Genarp where we would start today too.

At 08:40 AM we started out heading in a clockwise direction towards Allmänningen east of Genarp. Sleet was falling from skies which later changed to rain. The temperature was around 1℃ and only climbed to about 2℃ today. Only 1½ km or so from the trail head we came by the Allmänningen/Häckeberga campsite which is where I tented in May this year. In the past, the site was home to a farm with the same name. Today, all that is left is ruins. I witnessed a beautiful sunset that time with breathtaking views of Häckeberga pastureland which is a far cry from todays weather that now went from sleet to rain. We donned wet weather gear and continued.

The trail is easy-going but it rains all day and so we don’t take many photos or take rests. The temperature continues to float around 1℃ and 2℃. There is no wind however so we don’t really feel the cold. Because of the temperatures the snow/sleet doesn’t disappear and in some places the trail really shows signs of winter.

We are spotting a lot of wildlife, deer, but they disappear every time before we can manage to take a photo. Our camera gear is also being kept dry and awkward to retrieve every time we want to take a shot. There are also wild boar tracks although we don’t see any boar.

At 11:40 AM we take a 15 minute lunch break and we are off again at 11:55 AM. We found a nice spot in the deciduous forest a little out of the weather. We then head east towards Glamberga where there is a shelter site and an airport. We don’t pass by these as our trail now turns and heads in a northerly direction back towards Genarp. Clemens and I passed both the Glamberga shelter and the airport when we were here in May.

Today we hike around 22 km and arrive at our planned shelter site at 14:28 PM in the afternoon. We had been dreaming all day about a nice warm fire and we weren’t disappointed when we found that there was ample firewood at the site. Clemens quickly set about starting a fire and before long we were warming ourselves.

We came by this shelter when were visited the area in May and I marked a waypoint on my GPS so that we could easily find it again. The shelter is quite new and there is also a toilet, firewood, table and chairs. It is located about 3½ km south of Genarp.

After the fire was going we set about making our beds ready.

Clemens surprised me with some fresh cinnamon rolls baked in his Trangia oven. They were delicious! Then we relaxed making dinner and talking about anything and everything.

After dinner we relaxed with whiskey and chocolate while the skies continued to dump sleet and rain. The fire reflected warmth out into the shelter. What a great night also with perfect company!

Sunday December 16th 2018

I had a perfect night’s sleep. I didn’t hear anything through the night and woke early nice and rested. I was out of bed about 07:00 AM. Clemens got the fire going again; he had prepared things the night before so it didn’t take long before he had a roaring fire.

Sleet had continued through the night so fresh white powder covered the ground. We actually started out after breakfast about 08:45 AM but we had headed in the wrong direction west instead of north so we had to back track again and so our start time was 09:00 AM. We were talking a lot so we weren’t paying attention to the signage. No harm done; it was only 15 minutes or so extra.

We only need to hike about 3½ km today back to the car and within 40 minutes or so we are already approaching Höje Stream in the western part of Allmänningen not far from the car park.

The Häckeberga Loop Trail offers some fantastic scenery, especially at this time of the year, decorated with some fresh snow. The photo below is near the ruins of Häckeberga Mill at Genarp.

I was quite pleased to finish the hike with this fantastic landscape. We crossed the Höje Stream on a foot bridge and the below photo was one of the last shots I took before we arrived back at the car at 09:52 AM.

Thank you to Clemens for sharing this adventure with me and I hope to see more of you again in 2019.

View my map on AllTrails here

4 Replies to “Skåneleden Trail SL2 Sections 15 & 15A – Häckeberga Loop Trail”

  1. Nice trip report. You had some rough weather I have to say. Sleet and temps pending around freezing is the hardest to be out in, IMHO. I wanted to get out on one last trip this year, but for me it looks like I’ll go a whole month without hiking/camping 😟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, sleet and next to freezing temps are tough, that’s for sure. It really helped with the fire.

      I’m going to get one more hike in next weekend. 👍 I’ll be for the first time on a New Year’s Eve camp out. Trying to escape the whole hyped up event.


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