Skåneleden SL5 Sections 20 and 21

Falsterbo is ranked number 6 in the top birding sites in Europe, with over 350 species recorded. They say that about 500 million birds leave Scandinavia every autumn, with most of them passing through Falsterbo, before crossing the Sound to Denmark.

Saturday April 6th 2019

At 06:30 am I departed Copenhagen and drove over the Øresund Bridge. Trains and buses are not part of my transport arrangements this time. After Malmö I headed south in the direction of Trelleborg for a little over 20 km and then continued west towards Skanör-Falsterbo. The Skanör-Falsterbo Peninsula hosts the Skåneleden Sub-Trail 5 sections 20 & 21. The heathland is the largest nature reserve in Skåne which lies in south-west Sweden.

I parked my car at Norregård Hotel which is a large old farm that’s said to be built in the 18th century and is now converted to a hotel and conference centre. There is no wild camping allowed in this area and so I have reserved a room at the hotel for tonight. Sorry guys, there will be no wild camping photos and wild camping video this time. Although I have produced a YouTube video covering this hike. I then walked about 800 meters south to Falsterbo Beach where I started my hike at 07:30 am. The sun was still on it’s way up and I caught the last glimpse of the sunrise.

It was windy although not cold. I walked on the firm wet sand next to the water’s edge following the coastline in a north-easterly direction. With the beautiful white sands and the special light visible on this peninsula the atmosphere created a perfect beginning for the day.

The trail then leaves the coastline taking you north, then east again first after passing through Ljungens Camping ground and then south again back towards the coast. It is here that the military shooting range lies on your right and is strictly off bounds. I soon arrived at the bird watching tower where I had to climb up and take in the views.

Before reaching the Falsterbo Canal you have to walk through the golf course (Falsterbo Golf Club) and then follow the path on the inland side of the course before reaching the coastline again. I had to wait for a couple of golfers to T-off before I could continue or risk having a golf ball hit me in the head.

I walked north by the Falsterbo Canal before reaching the main road upon which I drove in on earlier. I would be back here again later this afternoon so that I could walk the last 3 km section from the Viking Museum down to the bridge at Falsterbo Canal and then back to the car again; more on that later. From the bridge I changed direction and hiked west towards the peninsula. I now entered the nature reserve. The landscape was very different from the south side as it opened up into a vast heathland. The white sands were gone although I noted that the water was a beautiful bluish colour. I stripped down to one layer of clothing as the temperature rose to the low double figures (℃).

When I reached the peninsula the surroundings exploded into a bird paradise. Falsterbo is ranked number 6 in the top birding sites in Europe, with over 350 species recorded. They say that about 500 million birds leave Scandinavia every autumn, with most of them passing through Falsterbo, before crossing the Sound to Denmark. This migration makes the Falsterbo peninsula one of the best bird migration watch points on the planet. So it had to happen at some stage of the hike; just before I reached the harbour at Skanör, that some bird decided to poop on my arm and my Hyperlite Mountain Gear trucker hat. 😞

Just before the harbour there are small beach huts along the white sand dunes. They are beautifully painted in all sorts of colours. They reminded me of my Danish Ærø Island hike back in 2015.

I was counting on buying some lunch at Skanör harbour but I could only find some upmarket yuppie restaurants. I was looking for like a standard fish and chip shop. I don’t think that they would of appreciated me visiting them with my newly decorated bird “pooped on” hat. I could of taken it off but I imagined that I probably smelt bad too by this stage so I settled for my bars and snacks and continued south towards the Falsterbo Lighthouse. Surrounding the lighthouse is the golf course again (Falsterbo Golf Club). And once again you walk through the golf course and along side it until you reach the lighthouse where the trail eventually takes you back out to the beach.

Now on the south-west side of the peninsula I only had a short walk back to my starting point on Falsterbo Beach and then a little 800 meters or so up to my hotel. I arrived about 30 minutes or so before I could collect my room key. At this stage I had covered 33 km.

After I was checked in I returned to my car and then drove up to the Viking Museum where I parked a little before on a side road. I then walked the last 3 km section down to the bridge at Falsterbo Canal where I was earlier in the day and then back to the car again. This little section totals 6 km. I had to do this so that I can say that I have walked the entire section. This short section has massive road noise although the views are stunning.

I then drove back to the hotel where I showered and consumed dinner. I had been excited all day thinking about the next event. I knew that the sunset would be spectacular but I wasn’t ready for what happened next. Actually, this whole section of trail along the west coast has been kind to me in regards to sunsets and I haven’t been disappointed once.

After the stunning spectacle I strolled back to my hotel again feeling very lucky and blessed. Today’s mileage amounts to 33 + 6 + 2 (evening walk) = 41 km for the day.

YouTube video above
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