Skåneleden SL2 Section 18

Official finish of my 3 year & over 1100 km section hike of the Skåneleden Long Distance Trail in Sweden.

On April 19, 2019 I hiked sub-trail SL2 section 18 finishing at Malmö which marks the “official finish” of my just over 3 year section hike of the Skåneleden Trail. I have covered more than 1200 km including getting to & from the trail heads and probably experienced more of Skåne than a lot of Swedish people have. I have completed the trail from one end to the other end; all five sub-trails.

There are some “dog leg” side trails that I have not covered but that is because my goal has always been to walk Skåneleden from end to end and coast to coast. All my trip reports are published here on my blog and therefore everything has been documented along with photos, some YouTube videos and social media posts. My speciality is lightweight and ultralight backpacking.

Thursday April 18, 2019

At 15:07 pm I boarded the train at Copenhagen central station heading for Malmö in Sweden. From Malmö I found my bus number 3 which stopped at Värnhem where I caught another bus to Bara arriving at 16:28 pm.

From Bara I walked to Torup and then to a shelter site in the forest there not too far from Torup Castle. Today’s short hike was just over 4.5 km.

There was no one at the shelter site and so I had it all to myself which was great because I had some videos to shoot. I have just purchased a new shelter; the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 2 and I was keen to pitch it and film my new palace being setup.

The Ultamid is surprisingly quick to setup with only 4 stakes needed on all 4 corners and then supplemented with 4 more on the sides if required. Then you temporarily take out the centre pole and place it in the peak of the Half Insert (see below it will come on the next adventure when the bugs start to come out) pushing the centre pole in place again. Stretch the wall-side corners out and attach them to the D-rings on each corner of the Ultamid. Takes only a little more time to setup than my Zpacks Duplex does.

My first “lightweight” shelter was the Nordisk Telemark 2 LW and weighed about 1 kg. This tent has some condensation issues as there is only one little vent at the top. I bought the Tarptent Notch to replace it. When I purchased the Zpacks Duplex my intention was NEVER to replace the Notch but just to supplement my shelter choice. The same goes for my recent HMG Ultamid 2 purchase. It will NOT replace neither the Notch or the Duplex. I enjoy the outdoors and quality lightweight shelters. I also enjoy using and testing gear and sharing my experiences and views through my blog and social media. Above is a shot of my Ultamid 2 Half Insert 418 g. My Ultamid 2 shelter weighs 528 g. Stuff sacks weigh 14 g each. Two pole straps weigh 36 grams for both. Total 1010 g. My Tarptent Notch, which is a fantastic shelter BTW … love it, the version with a partial solid mesh interior weighs 836 grams seam sealed. So for just 174 grams more you get this PALACE. 😀 None of the weights above include stakes.

Once camp was setup I soaked my dinner for half an hour or so. Dinner was another one of my home-made dehydrated meals: tuna, vegetables, rice with broccoli and cauliflower white sauce. I’ve only got about 4 or 5 meals left now from the batch that I did in April 2018 so next month I’ll be busy dehydrating again.

After my meal was warmed and came to a boil I placed it in my DIY cozy and let it continue cooking for a short while. Well that was the intention. However soon after I heard someone say hello to me. It was Håken that I have communicated several times with on social media. He had just hiked from Malmö and he had been following my posts on social media so he popped in to say hello. Håken decided to stay the night and we chatted over dinner enjoying the perfect weather. What a lovely night! We were just missing some whiskey. Thanks for dropping by Håken. I hope to see you on trail again some time.

Friday April 19th, 2019

I awoke early and packed. I said farewell to Håken and said that I would eat breakfast on the way. However when I emerged from the forest I saw how the warm sun was shining on some picnic tables and decided to stop and make a coffee and eat some oatmeal for breakfast. It was quite a chilly morning so the sun was very welcome.

My TOTAL PACK WEIGHT was 5.4 KG including food & fuel but NOT including water or camera. Add about another 390 g for photography gear.

With only 15 km to hike today and with a nice pace I was soon in Malmö before lunch. I was home in Copenhagen again at around 13:00 pm.

YouTube video above

Thank you for all your likes, comments and encouragement over the last 3 years.

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    1. Thanks Axel, hope all is okay with you? Nice to see that you are still getting out with C. The Ultamid is very nice indeed. I’ll have it with me in the morning too for the next three days at the Danish Outdoor Festival.


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