Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow

Ultralight backpacking has its foundations starting with gear that has two uses. Multiple use items contribute to reducing your total pack weight. For example my trekking poles are also my tent poles. Another example is my Hyperlite Mountain Gear stuff sack for my puffy jacket which doubles as a pillow.

I purchased my HMG stuff sack pillow in May 2016. My stuff sack pillows specs are 15″ x 11″ and weighs 1.5 oz. You can’t buy this size any more. See below for the sizing now available from HMG.


Our Stuff Sack Pillow is the first step towards sleeping well in the back country. By day: a reliable way to protect and store any unworn clothing. By night: a comfortable spot to rest your head. Sounds like a win-win. Some might say that a pillow is a luxury on the trail, but we’d simply argue that a good night’s sleep is priceless.


  • DCF8 | 0.8 oz/yd2


  • Small (10″ x 14″): 1.16 oz | 33g
  • Large (12″ x 17″): 1.69 oz | 48g


  • Reversible design with Polartec® 100-weight fleece lining
  • 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber)
  • Fully-taped seams
  • Water resistant #5 YKK zipper
  • Hand-Built in Biddeford, Maine, USA

I have tried different shapes and sizes of inflatable pillows. I can’t sleep with them and I don’t like them. I used to use a normal stuff sack filled with my puffy jacket before I purchased this stuff sack pillow.

During the day I store my “puffy” jacket in the stuff sack pillow. When I get into camp I remove the jacket and turn the stuff sack inside out so that the Polartec is now on the outside.

In camp I wear my jacket and then when I get into bed I store my jacket in the stuff sack again and I have a pillow. This is the closest thing to a “normal” pillow as you can get; believe me, you can not get better than this. As the advertising says “a good night’s sleep is priceless”.

The Polartec 100 fleece is warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer months. During the day I turn the stuff sack the other way around again so that the Polartec is on the inside and after the zipper is closed the inside is protected from dirt and moisture as well as protecting my puffy jacket.

After using my stuff sack pillow for some three years it is starting to show some signs of wear after extended use, but it is still going strong. Some of the seam sealing tape is starting to loose its adhesiveness. For me, this is easily fixed using some DCF repair tape. I can’t see myself replacing this pillow in the near future. I’m sure that it will continue to ensure quality sleep time for me for many years to come whilst I’m in the back country.

Product(s) discussed in this article were purchased by myself from a retailer or manufacturer. I do not accept compensation or donated product in exchange for guaranteed media placement or product review coverage without clearly denoting such coverage as an “ADVERTISEMENT” or “SPONSORED CONTENT.”

2 Replies to “Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow”

  1. Hi Brian,

    This is a product I was considering to buy. Having a pillow, I do not consider it as luxury, but as an essential element for a good sleep.

    I usually, use my backpack as a headrest and on top of that a mesh stuff sack that I fill it up with the puffy jacket.

    Though, I might consider to purchase the Mountain Gear Stuff Sack Pillow.

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