Post Hike – Updated Route – Riksgränsen to Abisko via Vistas September 2019

I started at Riksgränsen in the north on September 6th, close to the Norwegian border. Then I hiked south until I crossed over to Vistas in the east. Back-tracking to Kungsleden, I then walked north to Abisko finishing on September 12.

The trip took me 7 days and 6 nights and total length was 118 km. I was supposed to get off the train at Katterjåkk Turiststation of which I had arranged with the conductor when I boarded the train in Stockholm. However, they did not stop and the train continued to Riksgränsen where I started my hike, back-tracking to Katterjåkk.

Please refer my upcoming posts to find out why I changed my original route under-ways 😀.

The route that I walked

Day 1 Riksgränsen to Stuor-Kärpel Emergency Hut 15.5 km (06.09.2019)

Day 2 Stuor Kärpel Emergency Hut to Camp 1.5 km before Unna Allagas 16.1 km (07.09.2019)

Day 3 Camp 1.5 km before Unna Allagas to Camp at Alesjaure 17 km (08.09.2019)

Day 4 Camp at Alesjaure to Vistas Mountain Hut 17.7 km (09.09.2019)

Day 5 Vistas Mountain Hut to Camp at Lake Allesjokk 27 km (10.09.2019)

Day 6 Camp at Lake Allesjokk to Camp Nissonjokk 20.1 km (11.09.2019)

Day 7 Camp Nissonjokk to Abisko 4.7 km (12.09.2019)

I’ll be posting detailed day by day summaries and post-hike gear information in the coming weeks supported with photos and YouTube videos. Feel free to subscribe to be notified when the articles are published.

You can view and downloaded my map here on AllTrails

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