Camønoen and Møn (The Camøno Trail) – a guide for non-Danish speaking people

The name Camønoen is inspired by the Camino de Santiago, which is an ancient pilgrimage route to the shrine of the apostle Saint James in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain. On Møn, Nyord and Bogø islands the Camønoen consists of 10 stages with a total length of 174 kilometers.

I receive several questions from not only Danish hikers but also from people in other countries from all over the world. There seems to be a lot of interest in this trail which I can understand as the location is outstanding. Møn is also recognised as one of the darkest and best places in Northern Europe to stargaze.

The official website only caters for the Danish speaking nation so all other inquires seem to be directed to my blog via Google and other search engines. That in itself is great for my site statistics and for that I’m grateful but I repeat my answers often. Therefore, I thought it was time for me to publish this article to help folks with trip planning for their upcoming Camønoen walks who don’t speak Danish.

Trail blazers

Orange trail blazers with arrows are placed sporadically along the Camøno to show the way along forest roads, asphalt roads and sometimes pointing to the direction where a primitive camp site is. Please note that the blazers are scattered and the trail is not always apparent so you will need a map and a GPS device will also be helpful.


You can purchase an official map from the official site. Luckily, the map is available for purchase in English and even German too. In my opinion it is more of a tourist map than a hiking map. To be fair there is a lot of helpful additional information obtainable from the map. Another disappointment with the official map is that it is made out of a thick paper weighing 67 grams. They should of produced them from Tyvek so that they can be used more than once. Mine is just about useless now after little use. I only use it at home now when planning my hikes.

I suggest purchasing the Calazo map produced in 100% waterproof Tyvek weighing only 39 grams. On the Calazo maps every outdoor facility has a unique number, so you can easily search it on their website here. There you will find detailed information about the exact position, level of service, booking conditions and more for shelters, campfire sites and tent sites. This function, I have found most helpful.

TIP: If you search this ISBN number 9789188779717 on the internet then you will find the best website in your area to purchase it from 👍.


There are 9 Camønopauser (stops) placed around the Camønoen within approximately a days hike in between. At these stops you can fill up on water, there are toilets available for use and even electricity. Furthermore one can attain shelter from the weather. You can also re-supply your provisions and find out more about the area you are in.

If you have purchased a Camønopas (Camøno passport) then you can stamp it at all the stops where there is a Camønopause. The passports can be purchased in the shop at Møns Museum, Storegade 75 in Stege. You will find the stamps near all the Camøno benches at all the stops.

Wild camping, shelters & other accommodation

It is possible to organize the hike with overnight stays in a hut, a B & B or a guest house. Please refer to the official website (in Danish) for further updated information about these forms of accommodation.

However, I prefer to wild camp or stay in a shelter. If you use the Calazo map for reference you can find all the places where you are allowed to stay and camp. The Fri teltningsområder in Danish or wild camping areas are clearly marked on the map.

If you want to spend the night in a shelter or a tent at designated sites then you should read more about the individual places at Ud i Naturen where you are able to book the Naturstyrelsens (Nature Agency’s) shelters. The shelters owned by the municipality of Vordingborg are not required to be booked. Here, it is first-come first-served principle.

Please remember that we do not have allemandsret (rights of public access) in Denmark like they do in Sweden and Norway. This means that the above rules and a few more apply throughout Denmark and on this island.

The stages

One stage starts at one Camonopause and ends at the next Camonopause. I suggest that you start your hike from Møns Museum in Stege. This is also the start of stage one. Alternatively you could start and finish at Camping Mønbroen.

1 Enebæretapen (Juniper stage) 15.5 km – Møns Museum to Nyord

2 Fugleetapen (Birds stage) 19.7 km – Nyord to Pension Elmehøj

3 Klinteetapen (Cliffs stage) 15.9 km – Pension Elmehøj to Camping Møns Klint

4 Mælkevejen (Milky Way stage) 12.8 km – Camping Møns Klint to Klintholm Havn

5 Havetapen (Sea stage) 37 km – Klintholm Havn to Hårbølle Havn

6 Mølleetapen (Mill stage) 10.4 km – Hårbølle Havn to Bogø Mølle

7 Surfetapen (Surf stage) 17.3 km – Bogø Mølle to Farø to Bogø Mølle

8 Kong Asgers etape (King Asgers stage) 27.1 km – Bogø Mølle to Camping Mønbroen

9 Færgeetapen (Ferry stage) 7.3 km – Camping Mønbroen to Nygammelsø

10 Museumsetapen (Museum stage) 10.9 km – Nygammelsø to Møns Museum

I thru-hiked the trail on Møn and Nyord in May 2020 covering 144 km in just 4 days. I just need to walk the section from Fanefjord Church to Bogø and then back again 35 km to complete the whole trail. My film showing my 2020 adventure from a new prospective can be viewed by clicking on the link below. I’ve been inspired to produce a more “back to nature” style movie without all the talking. All my previously hiked Camøno Trail adventures can be read here.

QR Code for my map on AllTrails

If you wish to, you may view and download my map on AllTrails. Use the QR code to the right. You can download the App from the App Store or Google Play. To view the map online please click here.


On Møn you can stop a bus by waving the driver down; they are pretty relaxed and easy going. Below are some helpful links and contact information.




+45 55 81 54 58

My 2020 thru hike YouTube video from Camønoen

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