The Skjoldunge Trail Day Hike in Denmark

Hiking with IG @instajuanf from Hvalsø to Roskilde 36 km day hike on the Skjoldunge Trail

The Skjoldunge Trails are natural hiking trails that all pass through Gammel Lejre, where they continue to Hvalsø, Roskilde, Gevninge and Osted. Stretching over 40 km, they traverse impressive natural and historical landscapes.

Skjoldungerne is, according to legend, the name of the first Danish royal dynasty, which is said to descent from King Skjold, it’s first king. Lejre was the seat of the dynasty, which is why Denmark’s newest and 4th national park is called Skjoldungernes Land.

You can view and download my map for this hike here on AllTrails

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