An Autumn Camp in the HMG Ultamid 2

I parked the car at Farum train station and then hiked south-east 5 km along the shore of lake Furesø until I located a nice location for the night. Wild camping is permitted here. The trail is called Mølleåstien (The Mill Stream Path). Mølleådalen (Mill Stream Valley) is part of a large branched valley system between Roskilde Fjord and Øresund (the Sound between Denmark & Sweden). The night low was approximately 11℃ which is unusually warm for a November night in Denmark.

YouTube video uploaded here:

4 Replies to “An Autumn Camp in the HMG Ultamid 2”

  1. Nice Video Brian!

    Enjoy your adventures up there. Down here, in GR, we are again in strict lockdown and I think we will be till spring time. This means, that I am not very sure when I will be able to visit the mountains again.

    I will “hike” via yours and other people’s posts.

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