120 km lightweight backpacking in Swedish Lapland

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Riksgränsen to Abisko via Vistas

I started at Riksgränsen in the north on September 6th 2019 close to the Norwegian border. Then I hiked south until I crossed over to Vistas in the east. Back-tracking to Kungsleden, I then walked north to Abisko finishing on September 12th 2019. The trip took me 7 days and 6 nights and total length was approx. 120 km.

Packing list

Trail map

Full details

Camera: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

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    1. Thank you Thomas! I thought that I would edit and produce this one since I only did a 5 part vlog series on it last year. Glad that you could use it to entertain whilst in lockdown down there. I can’t leave Denmark so I’m just doing some local camps at the moment and teaching myself video editing on Final Cut Pro. Can’t wait until this is all over. Stay safe!

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